Pet Care Hiring

Want to find, hire, and keep GREAT people for your team?

Often hiring can take significant amounts of time and energy with questionable results, unless a systematic approach is utilized.

In order to help attract, identify, hire, onboard, and train for success, we offer an automated hiring system that will…

  • Help create the correct job descriptions for your facility
  • Help write the best copy for job advertisements
  • Link your online ads to the hiring site
  • Establish Online (Reusable) Hiring Micro Site / System
  • Create a fully automated application process
  • Clearly screen out applicants who don’t share your vision
  • Create a database of candidates – applications – skills
  • Create a process for the Review, Filtering, and Communication with candidates
  • Teach the Hiring Seminar Strategy


The end result will be that you will have a system that helps speed up, improve, and automate the process of finding and hiring great candidates.