Listen to Paula’s experience with our system at Little Dogs Resort!

Listen to conversation with Paula, GM at Little Dogs Resort, who created a more engaged, focused, and purposeful staff using our system of hiring and onboarding…



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“We have hired 9 staff member through the hiring process lessons you taught us and it has been an overwhelming success! What a great group we have.”


“We feel that using your techniques truly helped us weed out the dead wood and get the cream of the crop. We had a training session yesterday with a local dog trainer and when she was asking them what drew them to work in dog daycare, one young lady said how moved she was by our Strategic Vision. We have heard that several times and how much they enjoy the ‘energy’ and ‘positivity’ they feel from us.”


Gloria Ruggeri
Owner, TobyTown RVA


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Eric Beck, Founder

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We want to empower YOU by helping you get and KEEP the team you deserve!

The right message brings the right people.

We will help you turn your values into a compelling, epic tale that invites the perfect team to join you on your mission. Sounds cheesy, maybe, but it works!

Skills Development

Today's workforce wants to learn and grow, but not like school. We'll show you how to set up a career path to attract higher quality people who believe what you believe and are there for the right reasons. No more hiring just to fill a spot!


Today's workforce is tired of meaningless, temporary work. They want to be lead and become leaders. Every aspect of your hiring process from the ad, to the application, to the interviews - it's all communicating a message. Is your message on purpose and powerfully expressing your values?


More than any prior generation, today's digital natives want to collaborate if they are given the structure and guidance. BUT in order to tap into that hidden potential, they need a ``game worth playing.`` We'll teach you how to set one up and how to build a team that thinks about the big picture with each and every detail.

Finding people who want to be heroes in your story…

Yes they love dogs but they love the details too

They know what to do when there's ``nothing`` to do

Smart, Hard-working, Self- Managing

They want meaningful work that makes a difference

They want a Game Worth Playing and they're ready to win

You Want the Best…

But in order to get them, you have to use a strategy that appeals to what they really want and what motivates them.

Meaningful feedback & appreciation0%
Work that makes a difference in the world0%
Consistent Coaching0%

Find Out What REALLY Makes A Team Work

Escape the Status Quo & Create a Game Worth Playing.

Listen to MasterPlan founder Eric Beck at a TEDx event discuss the challenges and solutions for hiring and engaging the “Millennial” workforce in a Game Worth Playing.

We’re excited to show you a new way of communicating that honors your values and work ethic and rings true for those that will gladly enroll in your “leadership academy” – aka, your facility!


That’s right! We have to present your business as a leadership and growth tool that helps your people grow, learn, and develop. Great people make great employees. Let’s show them we’re serious about investing in them. All the research shows they want education, guidance, and belonging more than money!

Time for Change

It’s not surprising we often see turnover rates of 70% or higher. BUT it doesn’t have to be that way any more. Let us show you a new way!


Use our system to turn your hiring into an audition for a coveted spot on the team…a team that’s going to WIN together – that’s what we can show you how to do – and much of it is automated!


Is it effective to keep doing it the “old” way???

The New Way: Auditioning
The Old Way: ``Hiring``
MasterPlan Pet Care


I’m excited to meet you and hear your questions!

Eric Beck, Founder

MasterPlan Coaching

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We want to empower YOU by helping you get and KEEP the team you deserve!

The Total Integration Philosophy of Small Business

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Eric Beck


Alicia Collins

Lead Coach, Facility Owner

Melissa Babich

Lead Coach, Facility Owner